For Fun

2009 The ultimate snake chase


2013 Alle falde del Kilimangiaro — Italia Rai 3 - Live... SF
2012 World's deadliest: Fangs — National Geographic Channel - A venomous snake medley... SF
2012 Kenny and Zoltan's venom quest: Venom victims — National Geographic Wild - Life-saver antivenom... S
2012 Kenny and Zoltan's venom quest: Welcome to the snake pit — National Geographic Channel - Vietnam's venom... S DVD iTunes Amazon
2011 Venom: Nature's killer — PBS/NOVA S DVD iTunes Amazon
2010 Turning killers into cures — abc News Chicago Channel 7 S
2007 Ultimate viper — National Geographic Channel - Tissues eaten up alive by viper venom... FC DVD
2005 Harem conspiracy — National Geographic Channel - Could snake venom killed Ramsey III...S
2004 Hunt for Africa's viper giant — National Geographic Channel - Gaboon viper in Cameroon's rain forest... SF
2004 Jungle Geoff and the viper strike — National Geographic Channel F
2003 Swimming with sea snakes — National Geographic Channel - Diving the South Pacific for sea snakes... S
2003 Mysteries of venom — National Geographic Channel - Collecting spitting cobras in Africa... S
Filmography roles: self (S), cinematographer/stock footage (F), scientific advisor (C).

Snake WranglersUltimate ViperKennny and Zoltan's Venom QuestPharaoh's Week, Harem Conspiracy
Wild ChroniclesABC NewsVenom: Nature KillerPBS-NOVAKenny and Zoltan Venom Quest Welcome to the Snake PitAlle falde del Kilimangiaro


2014 Saturday Live with Richard Coles — BBC 4
2014 Outlook with Matthew Bannister and India Rakusen — BBC World Service
2013 National Geographic Weekend with Boyd Matson — National Geographic Radio - Cobra venom soup
2012 National Geographic Weekend with Boyd Matson — National Geographic Radio
2010 Emergency Medicine with Billy Goldberg — Doctor Radio SiriusXM Satelitte Radio
BBC World ServiceBBC 4National Geographic WeekendSirius XM
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